Bitcoin seconds

2021/1 28 04:52

The "Anti-Monopoly Law" exists, and coBitcoin secondsrporate organizations cannot expand indefinitely, but distributed organizations can. The commercial value of distributed organizations driven by blockchain algorithms needs to be reflected by the rise of cryptocurrency in the system, and the rise of cryptocurrency is driven by demand for use. Through open source code, this demand for use can be infinitely amplified.

There are two major aspects that everyone needs to learn. One is to have a deep understanding of blockchain technology, strengthen the belief in Bitcoin, and recognize the importance of blockchain technology to mankind. The second is the basic knowledge of financial transactions. I suggest you read popular books such as "Securities Investment" to at least know what K-line is.

In terms of block time, due to the drop in hash rate, Bitcoin's block time has risen to the highest level since the end of 2018 (excluding around March 12, 2020, due to the sudden drop in Bitcoin price and subsequent Kazakhstan With the decrease in the rate of hope, the block interval during this period of time has increased sharply).

DerekHsue, an investment analyst at BlockchainCapital, recently analyzed the computing power of Grin and several other GPU mining networks (Ethereum, Monero, Beam). It should be noted that the numerical values ​​in the analysis are rough estimates, not precise numerical statistics. At the same time, there are two important assumptions in this analysis: 1. The benchmark GPU in the analysis is 1070; Ethereum, Monero and Grin are mostly GPU mining, and Zcash is mainly ASIC mining machine.

But this idea is easier said than done. If JPMC is anchored to other legal currencies in addition to the U.S. dollar, it will bring about a problem of exchange rate determination: JPMC is equivalent to the U.S. dollar, how to link it with other currencies? It must be noted that in the real world, the exchange rate of other currencies against the US dollar is not static, but will change. In this case, if the exchange rate of JPMC against several legal currencies is to be kept fixed, then JPMorgan Chase It is very dangerous to take on great exchange rate risks.

When the blockchain passes a controversial hard fork (where the hash algorithms of the two branch chains remain the same), their computing power will inevitably be affected. Computing power is the speed at which all miners in the network complete the proof-of-work calculations and act as a proxy value for energy expenditure. Miners need to choose to work on the original chain, but to leave and start working on the new forked chain. The computing power will increase with the addition of more mining machines. On the contrary, if the miners leave theBitcoin seconds network and no new miners or more efficient hardware are added, the computing power will decrease.

The true value of Bitcoin depends on the capabilities of the Bitcoin community and how the Bitcoin protocol meets the needs of the market. Peter believes that it is first necessary to allow a wide range of individuals to participate and integrate into the Bitcoin ecosystem. Both the powerful on the temple and the traffickers can enjoy fair treatment, so as to truly become an inclusive financial ecosystem; secondly, If the above requirements are fulfilled, respect for privacy (property rights are protected), decentralization, non-tamperable data, and peer-to-peer are the core principles of the Bitcoin system. Then any one of these three core principles compromises, and the Bitcoin ecosystem will suffer devaluation. This is a responsibility that the Bitcoin community must shoulder and should be able to deal with.

On the night of BTC halving, come and witness history together; 4 industry leaders will explain the impact of halving on currency prices and miners for you; three halvings, three stories, 33 Bitcoin agreements; even the media launched The 7-hour live broadcast, vowed to persist until the halving is completed.